About Company

AAM Consultancy is a quality services provider in the field of social development. It is committed to remain in step with its clients. It works with government agencies, bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors, NGOs and INGOs, institutions, private sector, and others.

Project design, Analytical documentation, Preparation of report, Capacity building, Training, Evidence based research, Behavior change research, M&E and Impact Assessment and Communication strategy.

Areas of work:
Human Rights, Education, Gender, Environment, Health, Livelihood, Natural Resources, Elderly, Democratic Governance

Worked with:
* United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)/ Transtec
* Caritas Switzerland
* Action Aid
* Caritas India
* Save the Children, Delhi Office
* Christian Aid


Dr Mohanlal Panda, has done his Ph.D from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Between 1997 and 2008, he worked with PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries, New Delhi and Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, South Asia Office, New Delhi. He has worked on issues related to Human Rights, Democracy, Governance, Conflict Resolution and Livelihood. Since 2009, he has been an integral part of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR). He advises PVCHR on organizational strategies, project management, advocacy, research and monitoring. He also functions as the Secretary of Jan Mitra Nyas.


  • Article titled: “Politics of Marginalized can help building stronger Human Rights Institutions( HRIs) in India”. http://www.pvchr.net/2011/07/politics-of-marginalised-can-help.html
  • Article titled: “Torture, Testimonies of Survivors and Right to Health”. http://www.mynews.in/ News/torture_testimonies_of_survivors_and_right_to_health_N411232.html
  • Article titled: “Use of ICT for Empowering the Survivors of Torture: The PVCHR Experience”. http:/ /www.pvchr.asia/?id=71
  • Article titled: “Reconciliation: New Politics for Victims of Torture”. http://pvchr.asia/?id=116
  • Documentary titled ‘ Muslim & Police: A Perspective’ for campaign and external publicity. See link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO7Ci_rDTQ4
  • ‘Interface and Meeting with Parliamentarian and different Political Parties on issues of Muslim Minority in Uttar Pradesh’. See link http://www.dignityinstitute.dk/servicenavigation/news-and- activities/news/2013/12/trend-of-rising-torture-based-on-religion,-caste-and-gender-trigger-a- sense-of-alarm.aspx ;

  • Lunching of www.detentionwatch.blogspot.com , www.tentimonialtherapy.org , http://muslim- minority.blogspot.com ;

  • Report title: ‘Repression, Despair and Hope: Mapping of Police Torture in Four Districts of Uttar Pradesh and Strengthening Human Rights Institutions’. See link http://www.scribd.com/doc/ 190632599/Repression-Despair-and-Hope ;

  • No of videos uploaded by the HRDs. Most importantly, see link http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=rNiivWoO-v8 . This video is used by Human Rights Watch, BBC and Al Jazeera;


  • With a group of women plumbers trained by Amrita, Kerala and friend Dieter Wagner
  •  Myself and Dieter with “Amma”, an amazing person
  • Interacting with a group of beneficiaries in Waynad, Kerala
  • Beautiful Waynad
  •  Final Interaction between the beneficiaries and implementing agency Caritas India and Caritas Switzerland
  • Myself, part of a group of independent evaluators in the meeting, Dumka, Jharkhand.
  • In a tribal village, Purnia District, Bihar
  • Makhana cultivation, Purnia, Bihar
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  • mohanpanda@rediffmail.com

  • info@aamconsultancy.org

  • +91-9818499296

  • 102, Neelachal Apartment, Plot No:3, Sector:4,
    Dwarka, New Delhi-110078